Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peggy: The Expressionist in a Judgemental Environment

A loose-fitting lavender blouse. A blue patent leather skirt. Cheeta print tights. Off-white leg-warmers. Chesnut brown oxfords. These are just a few of the many items of clothing that make up Peggy’s wardrobe on a regular basis. They accompany her everywhere she goes, acting as good friends that follow at your hip side and continually deliver compliments throughout the day. To Peggy, her clothes are her closest, dearest, most trustworthy, and understanding friends. Although they may not always be perfect, as she experiences the occasional wear and tear, rip, or loose button, but they are always there for her no matter what to make her feel good about her self, feel confident, and feel empowered to complete any task that may lay in her path that day. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and fabrics, but most importantly they all express Peggy’s personality and what she wants to present to the world-the person she would like everyone to see. On days that she may feel down, upset, or just plain tired, her clothes understand, comforting her in more styles that may be conducive to sleep or relaxation. They give where she may need more space, and they hug her where she needs for comfort and they compliment her body whether she has a good or bad day.
Now, Peggy does not have many bad days mind you. She is a free-spirited, confident, happy person who loves to express herself though her unique, eccentric style. She loves to wear anything she can find in a box of hand-me-downs or a thrift store, piece together some of her own items, and them wallah! New outfit. See, well Peggy (short for Pegasus) was born in raised on a planet other than earth. This planet is known as Expressionupiter and it is a place where everyone therein prides themselves on self-expression, independent creation, and being unique, on-of-a-kind people. Walking down a shuttle runway on Expressionupiter, you may see a wide arrange of characters. From infants to young adults to parents to grandparents, every single person is like a snowflake. They share certain minor similarities but are all different and all have their own form of expressing their inner persona who they would like the people of the universe around them to see. These people don’t have fears in impressing others around them; they simple wear what they want and act as they please, staying within reason of respect to others of course. On this planet, words like ugly, stupid, and fashionably “in” do not exist. Expressionists (yes, the people of Expressionupiter) never take into consideration what another may think of them and never judge another for any of their personal choices in ways of expressing themselves. They never look someone up and down and insult what they may have on. They never will express a distaste toward another’s idea of what looks “good’. They will never put people into categories purely based upon how they dress and whom they associate themselves with. They will never put anyone down for an unsubstantial reason at all. On the planet of Expressionupiter, peace of mind with oneself and others is the common theme.

Time to go to work…because I have a job….other commitments…a life…
This story is to be continued.

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