Thursday, November 17, 2011

Conforming to Society: A New Outlook

Just one person has the power to change the way an entire group or culture of people view something. Just one person can make a difference in a society, in a country, or in the world. Just one person can be an example for others to follow, a role model, a leader. People look up to this person and anyone has the power to become them. In today’s society I believe that the individual is somewhat overlooked or unacknowledged, the main focal point being a certain group or clique rather than the individuals that make up that group of people. The ability of people to come together and form something bigger than themselves is beneficial no doubt, but what about the individuals that build and represent these groups? What about the creative individuals who, on their own, start trends, create societies, or even those people who have simply not done something to make themselves stand out in the crowd yet? Are they unimportant?
            Today, I believe the world is full of onlookers and conformities. And don’t get me wrong, it is not incorrect to follow a movement or wear something or do something just because its what the people around you are doing; that’s life and that will never change. However, I think it is time to recognize the ones who in fact are expressive with their individuality and strive to be leaders rather than followers. I think there are too many generalizations in this world. Whether it be race, organization, popularity, or what one would consider ”normal”, it all exists and it is all a contagious disease. More and more people are abandoning their personal interests and beliefs simply to fit in with the crowd around them and dodge the bravery it requires to live as your own person and exhibit the freedom of expression that so many of our soldiers fought to obtain in the past.
            I just believe that its time for Americans to have a new goal. Rather than the object being to appear normal and to do what the common man is doing, we should voice our own opinions, create our own lifestyles, and most importantly live happily without worrying what those around us think. On the other hand of that, I believe it is time for people to stop possessing judgmental outlooks and allow life to go on around them the way it may, with every individual being their own person and without the worry of the judgments surrounding them. People waste their time, day in and day out, worrying what others may think of them and simply trying to appeal to the general acceptance of the population, when in all reality, the only thing that matters is what your think of yourself and how your want to represent yourself in life- not how someone else wants to see you represented. Being an individual is often something that is looked past but is a beautiful thing. With the confident expression of their own personality, beliefs, and choices, one can go a long way.

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