Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Interview With Mariah Mckenna

For this assignment, I interviewed the lovely Mariah Mckenna.

  1. Who is the main character of your story?
There are two. Jeff is the little boy in the story and Mr.Campbell is the lonely old man who lives down the street from Jeff.
  1. When does this story take place?
It is current and takes place in present day.
  1. Would you ever do what the main character(s) did in your real life?
Yes. If I were Jeff I could see myself being like him as a little kid and being destructive (not on purpose of course).
  1. What kind of relationship will the two main characters have?
They start out as enemies, as in protagonist and antagonist, but by the end of the story they become good friends when they realize they need each other and they could both benefit from a friendship between them.
  1. Do the protagonist or antagonist have sidekicks?
No ma’am.
  1. What mentor texts have influenced this story to be what it has become?
Dennis the Menus, Tuesdays with Morey, and Home Alone.
  1. Who is your audience?
Children. Probably more toward the late elementary or early middle school age.
  1. Where does your story take place?
In a suburban-type neighborhood and part of the story will also take place in a nursing home.
  1. Do you think the story could have a sequel?
Well, I think any story could have a sequel but I did not write with intentions of giving it sequel-potential. It has a pretty conclusive ending.
10.  Do any of the characters go through a moral change throughout the course of the book?

Both main characters actually. Jeff learns to be more considerate and respectful of others around him in general and Mr. Campbell learns to have more patience with others.
11.  What are you trying to convey to your readers? What is the moral to your story?

Friends can be found in the most unlikely of places.
12.  What will be a moment of weakness for your main character(s)?

I feel that a moment of weakness for Mr. Campbell would be when his family puts him into the nursing home and Jeff’s moment of weakness would be when he looses his privileges at home because of breaking another rule and is forced to go to work with his mother as she cannot trust him at home alone.
13.  What is your personal favorite part to the story?

When Jeff and Mr. Campbell team up, realizing they need each other’s help, and become friends.
14.  How long do you predict your story to be?

However long it will need to be for me to get my moral across to the audience and make for an enjoyable children’s book that’s not too long, but is in-depth and interesting.
15.  Will your book contain pictures? Or will it have more of a chapter book or novel-like feel?
It will be more of a novel type feel.
16.  What willl help the main characters overcome their struggles?

With the help of each other, they will overcome their obstacles. They are each other’s go-to men.
17.  Can you personally relate to the moral of this story?

Yes, I have come to be friends with an old man that is a regular customer at Peaceful Meadows where I work. You can find friends in the most unlikely of places!
18.  Who’s perspective will the story be told from?
It will switch off between Jeff and Mr. Campbell being the narrator.
19.  Will there be any other characters that influence the main ones and their actions in the book?

In the beginning, Jeff’s friend is the one who convinces him to throw the ball that breaks the old man’s window. Also Mr. Campbell’s family puts him in the nursing home. Without these two things, the two would have never become friends of put into the positions they were in.
20.  Do you think the contents of this story could happen in real life?

Yes, I do. There is no age requirement with friendship.

To get a glimpse at how Mariah's story is coming along so far click here!

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